23 / 03 / 2020

What is an air purifier?

What is an air purifier?

When do you need to purchase an air purifier?

The air purifier is a necessary device for the house of today, as it contributes to the effective improvement of air quality, creating the ideal conditions of clean and healthy atmosphere in your place. It is a device with low power consumption that is helpful for cleaning the air from dust, microbes, pollen and other allergens, cigarette smoke and outside air pollutants.

This appliance gets more and more integrated in every household since it is the ultimate solution in each and every one of the following cases:

When you have allergies

The air purifier removes the pollen and other allergens from the atmosphere reducing radically the possibilities of allergic reactions, protecting you and your families.

When you belong to a vulnerable group or you have children

It is suitable for places with elderly people, chronically ill and small children as it reduces significantly the dangers of contagion of malicious particles.

When your home is not properly ventilated

It cleans the air from dust and various odors (for example food, perspiration, etc.).

When you live in an area with many air pollutants

It absorbs the air pollution of the city and ensures clean air for you and your beloved ones. It is suitable for areas burdened by smog and streets with high traffic.

When you have pets

It improves the atmosphere from the physical excretions of the pets (hair, saliva, perspiration, microbes).

When you smoke

It effectively cleans the air from cigarette smoke, leaving no trace of unpleasant odors in the atmosphere.