22 / 06 / 2016

How you can cool your children without harming their health?

How you can cool your children without harming their health?

Air Conditioners and children – Guide for safe use

All parents with young children and babies have bigger problems with the summer heat. How parents can control the temperature without endangering babies’ health? The truth is that there is no better way to cool a place than by using air conditioning. The proper use along with some instructions, for those who have infants or young children, will ensure that the air conditioner will not be harmful for their health instead, will help for their protection.

Summer heat is worse for babies’ health than the potential problems an air conditioning unit can cause. In relation with the microorganisms of filters, you don’t have to worry about anything, if you are washing them frequently (every month). You also need to call a technical specialist for maintenance on your units at the begging of each season.

It is very important to choose the right air conditioning unit from the beginning, especially for the filters. There are units with high pollution absorption filters and with ionizers. If you have an old air condition, it would be better to change it with a new DC Inverter technology for constant temperature, with ionizer and special air cleaning filters.

Whether your baby gets hot enough and needs a cool atmosphere, is something that you have to observe. Newborns temperature senses are not fully developed, which means that a baby has different heating or cooling requirements from adults. Watch carefully if your baby sweats, moans, feels nervous, blushes or has any kind of rash.

If any of these happens, then your baby needs cooling. It’s time to switch on your air conditioning unit. In contrast of the way you would use your unit under any other circumstances, now you have to ignore some energy rules. You should leave a door or a window slightly open in order to refresh the indoor air. Also, you should close your air conditioner periodically and open all the doors for 3 or 4 minutes in order to air the area. The room needs the feeling of freshness and not intense cold; you should adjust your unit to 27-28 degrees and never below. If the outside temperature is for example 42˚, then set it to 30˚ for better efficiency and healthier conditions. A basic rule is to set the desired temperature from 10 to 12 degrees lower than the outside temperature, that way you can achieve a healthy environment economically!

It is better for the infant to keep the room clean from dust so as the unit will not intake and redeposit the dust, increasing the chances for allergies. Pillows, curtains and covers need frequent dusting and washing. It goes without saying that smoking is not allowed in children’s room. Furthermore, you can’t expose them directly under the air flow. If you follow these safety rules, then your unit will not only be completely safe for your children but it will protect them from the risk of heatstroke.