08 / 07 / 2016

How can I solve the humidity problem?

How can I solve the humidity problem?

The existence of humidity in our living environment, is an important issue because it affects both, our comfort and hygiene conditions.

The humidity rate of any environment fluctuates in a significant degree depending on external conditions and especially on the difference between the internal and external temperatures. Also by each location use in the interior of the house (Vapors from bath, kitchen, hanging washed clothes, etc).

In places with high humidity levels (>55%) the mold formation is often observed in the interior walls, which not only is unattractive but is also very dangerous to our health. It can cause allergies, asthma attacks, and various other diseases. Furthermore, humidity can damage the structural elements of the house.

It’s not always easy to achieve the required dehumidifying levels. Various machines and useful tips can help to achieve the desired results, i.e. relative humidity levels 40-50%. First step that must be done is to measure the humidity with a hydrometer, easily found in the market, in order to know the conditions prevailing in our room.

In most of the cases we can use dehumidifiers which absorb humidity from the air and store in a special container or can be directly connected to the sewage system of the building. The use of dehumidifiers is very economical and helps us to improve comfort conditions in our environment even at extremely low temperatures.

Alternatively, we can use for dehumidification our air conditioning unit. Inventor’s air conditioners have dehumidification option which is useful during spring and autumn period when the humidity levels are increased. During this function the air conditioning unit operates in cooling mode and eliminates the humidity that exists in your space. For that reason, during the summer, we often observe the water draining from the sewage system of the indoor unit. During the winter, in the heating mode, air conditioners reduce the humidity level and create a healthy environment.