14 / 02 / 2020

Vacuum Cleaners with HEPA H12 Filter

Vacuum Cleaners with HEPA H12 Filter

Malicious tiny particles burden and pollute the atmosphere in every house, with serious effect specially on people who suffer from conditions related to allergies and asthma. In fact, the increasing pollution of the environment makes the removal of pathogenic microorganisms and dust from your house even more indispensable.

Inventor vacuum cleaners intend to cover this particular need and therefore, incorporates the HEPA Filter in order to guarantee the substantial improvement of the air quality in your place.

All the vacuum cleaner models have integrated the HEPA H12 class type Filter. That practically means that this high efficiency filter can withhold up to 99,50% of tiny particles (smaller than 0.3μm) that exist in the environment of your house, ensuring excellent air filtration performance. In addition, the HEPA H12 class type Filter withholds larger particles such as dust, mold and allergens, creating the conditions of a truly healthy atmosphere at home. The operation of the vacuum cleaner (bagged or not) includes the following stages:
Stage 1: The air enters the appliance through the creation of suction and gather in the bag or bin (depending on the vacuum type) where larger particles / pollutants are withheld.
Stage 2: The air exits the appliance containing the rest of the particles that haven’t been held in the bag or bin, as described in the previous stage. From the procedure explained above, the significance of a drastic filter withholding malicious microorganisms that cause infection and disease is pointed out, so as to avoid the recycling of polluted air but to accomplish its efficient filtration.

The powerful HEPA H12 class type Filter works exactly to this direction and:

Effectively withholds dust particles, leaving every spot of your place sparkling clean.

Protects the unit, extending its lifeline and ensuring its excellent performance throughout.

Reliefs you of a great number of malicious particles that cause the majority of viruses and disease, prohibiting their entrance back into the atmosphere of your house, for an impeccable cleaning procedure with lasting results.

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