14 / 04 / 2015

Passion – New design, supreme technology!

New design, supreme technology!

The upgraded version of the Passion air conditioner has a new look and includes the WiFi Ready technology, which enables you to operate your air conditioner wherever you are – at home or away. The Passion series improves your home’s air quality using the Wellmore Air Ionizer system. The upgraded ionizer releases millions of negative ions that disinfect and sterilize the air in your room. Wellmore Air Ionizer technology combines the HEPA, Cold Catalyst and Vitamin C filters creating the ideal atmosphere for you and your loved ones!

Passion air conditioners have an energy class A+++ ranking, providing excellent operation for cooling or heating in extreme weather conditions (from -15°C) with maximum energy savings. Moreover, upon activation of the ifeel function, a smart sensor automatically adjusts the set temperature to the level that is optimum for the space you are located, thus offering you extra comfort and energy savings.

At Inventor, we make sure that you enjoy a relaxed and clean environment! We care for a better quality of life!