10 / 06 / 2013

New Product – Inventor Dehumidifier 20L/day DE-GDNM20

Dehumidifier 20 Liters

The DE-GDNM20 dehumidifier is the ideal solution for all business areas or for homes, basements and all areas with moisture problems and mold on the walls.

The new dehumidifier from Inventor comes to offer you fresh air without moisture. Get rid of moisture and mold on the walls using the new dehumidifier 20 liters, DE-GDNM20 from Inventor. Capable dehumidification – 20 liters a day – can effectively cover areas up to 70 square meters. With the possibility of continuous operation, the dehumidifier DE-GDNM20 is your powerful ally in addressing mold and moisture, even for the most demanding areas