15 / 12 / 2020

New Energy Labels

New Energy Labels

New generation of improved energy efficiency appliances!

Under a directive from the European Commission, energy labeling on appliances is changing, with the ultimate goal of integrating really high energy efficient appliances into your home!

The energy label is renewed to:

  • Make it much easier for you to distinguish the performance of each device. The development of technology in recent years has led to an increasing number of devices bearing energy labels of A + or higher, making it difficult to distinguish the difference between their performance.
  • Assist you in order to make the most effective comparison between alternative products by creating meritocracy and common for all products evaluation criteria of their energy classification so that there is the highest degree of harmonization of devices across Europe.
  • Encourage you to serve the need for energy savings in your household through energy efficient appliances that save energy from electricity & water consumption and make a noticeable difference in saving money in the annual budget.

At the same time, it aims to:

  • Encourage energy saving measures in your household.
  • Facilitate the formation of a clear and objective picture of the energy efficiency of each device so that your choice between the various alternative products is very easy and fast.
  • Be a completely useful advisor for you, in the selection of home appliances with the lowest, comparatively, operating costs as it has been formed through specific and fully objective criteria.
  • Inform you in a simple and clear way about the energy consumed by each product.
  • Ensure a level playing field for manufacturers and the free movement of goods in the market.

Main goal? The choice of less energy-intensive appliances in every home!

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One of the first Inventor domestic appliances to incorporate this change are:

Cooling appliances: Refrigerators, Freezers, Wine Coolers

All products that fall into the above categories should therefore, from March 1, 2021, bear the new energy label both when they are displayed in a physical or online store and in any form of advertising.

The new information of the new energy labels that you need to know in order to choose the device that suits your energy needs, is the following:

New alphabetical energy signage

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The new energy classes range from A to G, forming 7 integer energy efficiency levels, eliminating the classes accompanied by +, such as A +, A ++, etc. These levels are denoted by 7 colors respectively, starting with red (energy class G) which refers to a product of particularly low efficiency to dark green (energy class A) which indicates a highly efficient product.

European EPREL database

Each energy label includes a QR code that gives you access to the EU digital database, EPREL.
Through it, you can through the specially designed platform:

  • search for accurate information on all refrigerators, freezers & wine coolers
  • easily and quickly compare the various alternatives and
  • make the appropriate choice in the context of energy upgrades of the devices in your space.

Inventor for the new energy label signage

Inventor renews energy efficiency labels for the following product portfolio categories:

Refrigerators - Freezers - Wine Coolers

The process of determining energy efficiency is now becoming more comprehensive by taking into account completely reliable criteria such as:

  • the type of device,
  • the operating principle,
  • the room temperature
  • the number and size of storage compartments.

Thus, in addition to the information they provided about:

  • the average annual power consumption but also
  • the total volume of refrigeration and freezing chambers,
    the new energy labels let you know about
  • the level but also
  • the noise emission category.

Composing all the above important elements, the upgraded energy labels of the refrigerators allow you to form the complete and accurate picture of the identity of the product, to easily compare the alternative device codes and finally to choose the one that fully satisfies the needs of your home or business.
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In more detail, the renewed energy labels of refrigerators & freezers undertake to inform you in a simple and understandable way about:

  • the QR code of the product linked to the EPREL portal
  • the product model name
  • the energy class to which it belongs (from A to G)
  • the total frozen compartment volume (in liters)
  • the total chill compartment volume (in liters)
  • the average annual power consumption (in kWh)
  • the noise level (in dB(A))
  • the class of acoustical noise emissions (from A to D)

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enter image description here Accordingly, the energy labels of wine coolers include explanations for:

  • the QR code of the product linked to the EPREL portal
  • the product model name
  • the energy class to which it belongs (from A to G)
  • the average annual power consumption (in kWh)
  • the storage capacity in wine bottles
  • the noise level (in dB(A))
  • the class of acoustical noise emissions (from A to D)

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